Using Pinterest to become Bathroom Inspired!

Are you struggling to picture how your new bathroom will look or are you feeling like you could do with a helping hand to come up with ideas for renovating your bathroom space? If the answer to either of these questions is yes then using Pinterest can really help your bathroom dreams become a reality! Here at Bella Bathrooms we are increasing our use of the image sharing website to provide customers with bathroom inspirations as to what can be achieved in their own bathroom spaces. Bathroom Inspirations: Pinterest Logo If that all sounds a bit confusing then read on as we try to explain how Pinterest can be used and how Bella Bathrooms can help you create that perfect bathroom space.

What is Pinterest?

Bathroom Inspirations: Moods Picasso IvorySo first things first what even is Pinterest? Pinterest is a website that provides people with images of just about everything you can possibly imagine that you can ‘pin’ to create your own pin boards. This gives you a virtual inspiration board so that you can pin the images that you like. It is basically like a book mark but for your computer. You can create your own boards to keep note of the items that you have seen that inspire you or that you might like to purchase. If you like to picture something before you begin then Pinterest will help you visualize what could be for your bathroom.

Creating Boards

Bathroom Inspirations: PJH TapsThe number of boards that you can create for yourself is endless so you can truly cover all things bathroom. You could create boards for different bathroom spaces say maybe ‘en suite ideas’ or ‘family bathroom ideas’ as items that you love may not necessarily suit your main bathroom space. This is the great flexibility with Pinterest. If you want to break your boards down further you could create boards that are simply ‘bathroom taps’ or ‘luxury showers’ where you pool the items you like the look of before deciding on an overall theme. It really is up to you how you use Pinterest to begin to plan what your own space can become. Bathroom Inspirations: Shower Panels

Pinterest is free to register with and as well as the website you can also download the app for your phone or tablet meaning you can pin things wherever and whenever by simply pressing the pin it button!! The website has grown massively since it began 5 years ago and is becoming ever popular for home decoration ideas. From viewing other people’s homes (and in our case bathrooms) you can suddenly start to visualize how items will sit together and of course looks or colours that just don’t work. It is always important to have a clear idea of what you are trying to create with your bathroom before beginning any renovation and that is why we think Pinterest is a vital tool to help build your bathroom design.

Bathroom Inspirations: How does Bella Bathrooms Use Pinterest?

We have created a number of different themed boards to help get you excited about what you can create in your own bathroom. Choose from our Beach Bathroom, British Country Bathroom or Marble Bathrooms to name a few of our ever-growing selection, or if you like to be at the cutting edge of design then choose our Trends board. All of our boards feature items that we sell or items that we think you will love (and which we probably stock similar!). Here is a little snippet of what is on offer;

Home Spa Retreat

Bathroom Inspirations: Moods Decedance BathWho wouldn’t want to create a spa for their own home to create the perfect place to unwind and relax? Think wooden shelving with crisp white rolled towels, counter top basins and frameless shower enclosures and you can see how your own bathroom can soon look like a luxurious spa hotel. No spa bathroom would be complete without a whirlpool bath. We have pinned our fantastic Moods Decadence Luxury Twin End Bath which has the choice of additional jets and wellness systems to create the ultimate spa experience in your own bathroom.


Bathroom Inspirations: Tavistock Kobe BlackSometimes it is not just the style of bathroom we want inspiration for but indeed the colour scheme too. Our Monochrome board shows you the fantastic range of black bathroom items that can create the ever modern monochrome look when teamed with white ceramic items in your bathroom. From black designer radiators to black bath panels and even black tiles achieving this stylish look is easily attained. We particularly love the Tavistock Kobe Black bathroom furniture range featured on our board which creates that stylish monochrome look for your bathroom.

Technology for the Bathroom

Bathroom Inspirations: Ulta Portal Backlit MirrorIf you have your bathroom design covered and you want to add the perfect accessories then view this technology board to see the wide range of cool accessories you can add to your dream bathroom. From digital shower panels to infrared taps and even KBSound systems you can bring a touch of modern technology to your new bathroom quite easily. We love our Ultra Portal Backlit Mirror with Clock, USB Port and Shelf for the ultimate in modern design. Not only is this a beautiful mirror in its own right but it is also able to play your music through thus creating the perfect ambience for your bathroom time be it upbeat tunes to wake you in the morning or soothing tones to chill out in the bath. This great mirror should be on everyone’s dream bathroom board!

We aim to continually add new boards to our Pinterest page so give us a follow and you will be the first to see any new inspiration we come up with. Bathroom designs and trends are constantly changing so we hope to keep you one step ahead of the game with our inspiring boards. Here at Bella Bathrooms we are confident that you will love our Pinterest page and enjoy using the boards to get those creative juices stimulated! Follow us here on Pinterest for these exciting bathroom ideas.