Using Tiles to Create Impact in Your Bathroom

A good way of introducing some colour into your bathroom is through the clever use of tiled areas. Both floor and wall tiles if used correctly can totally transform a bathroom space. In this modern era of plain white bathroom suites adding colour to your bathroom is crucial. They can ensure your bathroom doesn’t become a cold clinical space. Be brave with your tile choices especially for a cloakroom space as it will be sure to get guests talking and capture their imagination! Tiled Bathroom With a beautiful array of contemporary bathroom tiles now on offer we have a fantastic range of tiles for you to choose from. All supplied by the market leading House of British Ceramic Tile. There are lots of different ways to use these tiles in the bathroom. From adding borders to creating a feature wall and even completely tiling the space. By looking at some of the different tiles we have on offer we hope to inspire you with ways you can use tiles in your own bathroom space to create a truly unique look.

Tile Inspiration

Give Your Bathroom a Natural Look

Travertine TilesIf you are not convinced by making big changes or adding a daring colour to your bathroom space then opting for neutral warm tones is a good start. These soft beige and honey shades will create a welcoming feeling for your bathroom. Try adding a light stone floor tile with subtle caramel or biscuit tones to paint your walls with to create this look. The Elgin Marbles Travertine Ceramic Floor Tile from our Core collection will suit this style perfectly and help to create that soothing space many of us with hectic lifestyles crave.

Add a Stunning Border for a Minimalist Style

Laura Ashley Pebble Strip Beige Still not convinced on loud colours? Then the addition of a subtle border will really suit a minimalist style bathroom. Try the Laura Ashley Malvern Pebble Beige Strip which is a natural pebble effect border. It can help to create a real spa retreat feeling your own bathroom. The soft satin finish will truly suit any neutral tones that you choose to decorate your bathroom in too. Using a border can really draw your eye around the bathroom and help to create a look of unity. If this look appeals to you there is a darker shade available too.

Add a Pale Colour Feature Wall

Mint Green TilesIt’s time to get a little braver now and inject some actual colour into the bathroom but don’t worry it is still on the pale side. The Colour Compendium Greens Mint Wall Tile is a beautiful green wall tile which has a premium glaze on it. This colour will suit a smaller bathroom as it will reflect the natural light around the room. The added light can help to make it feel more spacious than it is. Adding these tiles to one of the walls in your bathroom will create an attractive feature. You can then easily match your towels and bath mats for a coherent finish. This style will certainly brighten up your bathroom without overwhelming a smaller space.

Create a Different Dimension with a Textured Tile

Grey TilesAdding a tile that has a textured design can really help to create interest in your bathroom especially against the smooth bathroom suites of today. The Function Mercato Light Grey Speckle Multiuse Tiles are from our Function and Form collection. They are a porcelain tile which has a matt finish that can be used on the floor or walls. Adding different textures will really catch the eye especially in this subtle grey shade. Grey is a massive trend in modern home design right now and that is why these tiles can create a contemporary look wherever they are placed in your bathroom giving a real designer feel to your space.

Select Marble Tiles to give a Luxurious Finish

Marble BathroomThere is nothing more luxurious than the look of marble in the bathroom which oozes top quality. Think Grecian halls with shimmering surfaces and you get the idea of what the look marble tiles can create in your bathroom. The clever tiles from our HD Technology collection mimic the look of stone and marble effects through digital imagery. This sumptuous range of tiles will make your bathroom look luxurious without breaking the bank for you to achieve. For the marble floor effect in your own bathroom we think the HD Geneva Ceramic Floor Tile fits the bill perfectly.

Choose Designer Patterns For a Classic Look

Laura Ashley Marchmant Tiles To inspire an elegant style for your bathroom choose a designer patterned tile that will create a classic feature. The Laura Ashley range offers a selection of beautiful decorative tiles which can add instant glamour to the bathroom. Add a feature area within your bathroom; say behind your free standing bath, to create a luxurious feeling. The Laura Ashley Marchmont Blue Wall Tiles are a white tile with a delicate blue feather pattern which will help to turn your bathroom into an opulent bathing area.

Choose a Bold Colour for Maximum Impact

Plum TilesHopefully by now you are starting to come round to the idea of using coloured tiles to create impact in your bathroom? Our Impact Glass range has a host of fabulous block colour glass tiles which you can use to create this striking effect. We love the bold Impact Aubergine Glass Tile with its ultra glossy finish. It will look perfect as a feature around your basin or within your shower cubicle. When you choose a strong colour tile such as this you have to be selective with where you place the tiles. Be careful as you don’t want the feature to overshadow the rest of the bathroom.

Add a Feature Splashback

Mosaic TilesMosaics may be small sized tiles but they can certainly create a big impression and they are not just used for borders. These glossy finished mosaic tiles can create a fantastic splash back around the back of a basin or a bath. We love the Mosaic Bright and Beautiful Blue Hammered Glass Mosaic. The stunning mix of blues and aqua shimmer in the light and give a nautical feel to your bathroom. It’s amazing to see what a big impression a small area of tiles can create. We have a selection of other mosaics to suit an array of bathroom decors.

Monochrome Never Fails to Impress

Monochrome TilingLast but by no means least you can’t go wrong in a traditional themed bathroom with black and white tiles to create a stunning monochrome look. Still seen as a modern design this striking contrast continues to be a popular choice for people’s bathrooms. Team the Conran Tactile Hartland Black Pressed Mosaic Tiles with any white tiles and you will have bold design that impresses your guests. We think this monochrome look is particularly effective on your floor. Dare be different and try it anywhere in the room to create a unique feature. Hopefully we have encouraged you to think about tiles next time you renovate or update your bathroom. There is such an array of designer tiles available you will be amazed at the different looks you can create. View our extensive tile range here at Bella Bathrooms today and release that inner creativity to create a special look for your own bathroom space.