Want More Space in the Shower?

If this is a question that you have asked yourself before, then the answer could be to consider a new wet room enclosure in your next bathroom renovation. A wet room enclosure can offer your bathroom with a sense of style and luxury. The wet room is useful for bathrooms users which are disabled and are in need of a method to showering with having any stress of moving parts getting in the way. The wet room brings a whole new idea to showering experience you may have had before and it will continue to impress day in, day out.

Wet rooms do not have to be restricted to a certain size so you are free to customize the enclosure to how you the user would like it. This type of shower is simply made up from a glass panels in the sizes you desire then it can be either installed direct to the floor or to a shower tray. The wet room shower enclosure looks stunning in any bathroom situation because of its clear panels and minimalist shower tray.

Here a Bella Bathrooms we have a generous selection of shower enclosures to help you create a lavish showering space. If you would like a little extra help in chooosing your shower enclosure then you might find our buyers guide blog useful.