Wasteflo Macerators and Lifting Stations by Stuart Turner

Wasteflo by Stuart Turner

Stuart Turner, manufacturers of some of the best pumping solutions on the market, have brought out a range of Macerator’s and Lifting Stations to compete with the likes of Grundfos and Saniflo. Established in 1906 and still operating from the same site based in Henley-on-Thames, Stuart Turner has gained over a century of engineering experience. Continual innovation in all areas of their expertise has led to many ground breaking designs in such a short span of time. With products such as the Stuart Turner monsoon range and the Showermate, it is not a tough choice anymore when selecting which manufacturers to trust.

The Wasteflo range is comprised of two macerators and a lifting station, all design with an innovative watertight cassette system which houses the electrical and mechanical components. This allows for easy and clean access to the system without having to remove any pipework or appliances when servicing or maintaining a product from the Wasteflo range. The products in this range allow you to effectively and efficiently remove waste water from your property. With just three superb models, Stuart Turner have made available a range of flexible options to create a bathroom, kitchen or utility room anywhere in your home or commercial building.

With a compact design, low noise levels, excellent performance and a manufacturers guarantee you can be sure to be pleased with your product should you buy a Stuart Turner Macerator or Lifting station from their Wasteflo range. With such versatility these products can be solutions in multiple places, from the bedroom to a stairwell, kitchen to bathroom or even within bathroom furniture itself. The Wasteflo range is ideal for use in many environments, such as: homes, offices, factories, restaurants, pubs, leisure centres, camping sites and temporary or mobile accommodation units. Compliant with all the applicable standards and a name you can trust, why not try Wasteflo for your compact lifting solutions.