Water Pressure in your home

ShowerWhen choosing a shower or tap to go with your bathroom setup the most important factor is what water pressure you have in your home, otherwise you could end up with a shower that requires high pressure but only end up with a trickle if you have a low pressure system. With our handy guide you can find out which set up you have and in turn which products would be best suited for your bathroom for maximum function.

To first determine what water pressure you have, you will need to find out what water system you have from the options below most commonly found in the contemporary home. With each of these systems you will receive a different water pressure, but you will also need to take into account the route of your pipe work as if your water needs to take a route which is not direct the water pressure will be lower than first expected.

The first option is a combination boiler set up which heats your water as you use it, this system is more commonly found in homes these days and incorporates only a boiler and removes the need for stored water tanks.

The second option is a gravity system which involves stored water tanks usually located in the homes loft or airing cupboard.

There is also a third option in an unvented hot water system which involves a high-pressure cylinder of water heated by a boiler and provides high volumes of water.

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For a combination boiler system they work from your mains pressure so you can check your mains pressure to estimate what water pressure will be available with your system, with a un-pressurised heating systems you will need to look at the vertical distance between your tanks and the fitting you are installing to estimate the water pressure. If you are ever in doubt always consult a professional plumber before installing any of your new fixtures and fittings. Water pressure is calculated in two units – Bar and Head (m). This can be explained as 1 bar of pressure relates to 10 meters head of water.

Bella Bathrooms stock a wide selection of fixtures and fixings all displaying their minimum bar operating pressure so you can see what fixtures will be compatible with your water systems, if you have any queries please consult with a professional about your water system or for any fixtures and fittings advice please contact our friendly customer services team who will be happy to answer any questions you may have on our products.