Wet Rooms and Walk In Showers

Wetroom-shower-enclosureWet rooms allow you to create your very own contemporary, custom feel to your bathroom as well as providing a safe environment for less able bodied people. Whether you have a small or large bathroom, a wet room can fit in the majority of spaces as they can be found in almost any size you require in our generous range. Under floor heating, good drainage and ventilation are all important things to remember when installing your wet room. The exclusion of a shower tray allows for an increased minimalist, open feel to your bathroom. Frameless enclosures also give this feel, giving a very modern and stylish appearance.

The best factor that makes the majority of wet room owners purchase one is the freedom to choose the size you want. You have much more choice than if you were purchasing an enclosure with a tray because you simply get the chosen size of glass panel to create your customized space.

Walk-in-shower-enclosureA walk in shower is a cheaper alternative to a wet room yet doesn’t sacrifice any space or style. Walk in showers generally come with a shower tray and so there is no need to waterproof the entire room. The shower tray of a walk in enclosure is generally very shallow, giving it a minimalist and stylish appearance.

Both walk in showers and wet rooms create a very minimalist, spacious feel to any bathroom. The glistening glass panels and optional shallow tray create the perfect addition to any home and become the centerpiece of any bathroom.

Bella Bathrooms provides the best wet rooms and walk in showers available on the bathroom market today. Choose from a wide range of different sized panels and trays to fit into almost any bathroom to transform your bathroom today.