Which Shower Enclosures are perfect for En Suite Bathrooms?

En suite bathrooms are a luxurious addition to your home and with the fantastic range of bathroom suite designs now available you can create a truly unique space. Whether you are renovating your current en suite or you are creating a new shower room in your home it is worth considering the type of shower enclosure that will best suit your space. There is such a vast range of different shower enclosures now available that it can be a bit of a mine field! In this blog we will try to point you in the right direction for selecting the perfect enclosure for your en suite bathroom.

Choosing a Shower Enclosure For your En Suite Bathroom:

En Suite Quadrant Shower Enclosures

Quadrant Shower Enclosures

When planning your en suite or shower room it is important to utilise the corners of the room so that you are left with as much floor space as possible. A quadrant enclosure sits neatly into the corner of your bathroom whilst the curved front of the enclosure provides a smooth finish. This curved profile is ideal for smaller spaces without you losing any space within the actual enclosure. We think quadrant shower enclosures are the ideal solution for standard shape en suite bathrooms.

Wet Room En Suite

Wet Rooms

If you have an awkward shaped en suite or a space that has a restricted ceiling height then a wet room will be the ideal solution. The addition of a wet room shower enclosure means you can create a completely open showering space which is perfect for the smallest of bathrooms. If you choose a wet room style then select matching wall and floor tiles to create a seamless design that will help to give the impression of more space. This type of showering space is also perfect for angular or sloped roof areas as the actual shower head can then be placed on any of the wall space. How close you choose to position your toilet and basin is entirely up to you. Wet rooms are the ultimate in space saving design for en suite bathrooms.

Walk in Shower En Suite

Walk in Showers

If you aren’t keen on the idea of an open plan wet room then choose a stylish walk in shower enclosure. Walk in shower enclosures can be simply a single glass panel protecting the rest of the room from the spray of the shower. The benefit for an en suite with this style of enclosure is that you don’t need to consider how the shower door opening will impact on the rest of the space. Walk in showers create an enclosure with easy accessibility which can be ideal for a variety of different users. They are also easier to maintain and clean due to the fact there are no moving parts.

Frameless En Suite Enclosures

Frameless Shower Enclosures

To create a truly minimalist en suite design you can also opt for a frameless shower enclosure. These simplistic shower enclosures will help to make the bathroom appear larger due to the clear glass design. Any light will reflect off these sleek frameless panels to give a feeling of spaciousness in your en suite. These frameless designs are available in a number of different shower enclosure styles.

Whichever type of shower enclosure you decide on hopefully this short guide has helped you to find a good starting point. Such is the variety of en suite bathrooms now available you will be spoilt for choice when creating your perfect showering space.

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