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Why A Morning Shower Can Make You Feel More Attractive

With an already busy lifestyle, we know what you are thinking – a morning shower will require you to get out of bed even earlier than you already wish to! Especially at this time of year when it’s dark and cold outside, the snooze button is the most attractive option. If you can bear to sacrifice that all-important snooze you will be pleasantly surprised to hear the benefits of taking the time to fit in a morning shower. So leave the warm sanctuary of your duvet and head to your shower enclosure to start your day off in the best possible way.

Why Make Time For a Morning Shower?

Awaken Your Senses

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Help to kick start your day with a stimulating shower which will immediately awaken your senses and make you feel brighter and fresher for the day ahead. No more leaving home in that zombie-like state – showering will help you to feel ready for the start of the day! Hot showers can increase your oxytocin level which helps to ease anxiety or stress making those work issues ahead seem slightly less imposing.

Improve Your Circulation


With a wide variety of thermostatic mixer showers now available your morning shower can provide you with a soothing massaging effect. The powerful hot spray can help to ease any muscle tension or stiffness and make you feel rejuvenated to tackle the day ahead. The hot shower will help to increase your blood flow which in turn will improve your organ’s functioning so that you are awake inside and out!

Increase Your Immune System

Research has found that showering in the morning can help to stimulate the body to produce more white blood cells. These will help to stave off any disease or virus that you may pick up to help you stay healthy.

Recover More Quickly


If you have been feeling slightly under the weather and have had a temperature, a hot shower can help to regulate your temperature once again. The steam a hot shower produces can also help to act as a natural decongestant for those cold-like symptoms helping you to clear your nasal passages. For a real remedy add a little eucalyptus oil into the mix and your head will be cold-free in no time!

Only for the brave………

I’m guessing so far you may be starting to come round to the idea of making the time for that morning shower, but if you dare to go further then choosing a cold shower can be even more beneficial. In the past, people used to bathe in whatever water they had accessible to them this more often than not was cold. It is only now we have the luxury of hot water for our showers that we see this as the norm yet they are not a necessity.

Lose Weight


Yes, you read that right a cold shower can help you to lose weight! The cold water will stimulate your body into action to help regulate your body temperature once again thus burning calories in the process.

Improve Your Hair and Skin


It has long been touted that cold water is better for your hair and skin helping it to hydrate once again. Hot water can cause it to dry out and can even lead to split ends and dry skin. So if you can’t face a completely cold shower try turning down the heat a little at the end of your shower for a minute or two as a starting point. Improving the appearance of your hair and skin will help you to feel more attractive too.

Boost Your Energy

As we have all experienced at some point cold water can make you gasp for breath but this can be good for you. It helps you to breathe more deeply thus taking more oxygen into your body which also increases your heart rate at the same time. This increased heart rate gives you an instant natural dose of energy while the increased oxygen ensures all parts of the body are getting sufficient oxygen to perform more efficiently. This will help you to start the day in a more positive energetic mood.

Help Treat Depression

Research has found a cooler shower can help to treat depression. The cold water stimulates noradrenaline in the brain which can help to combat the symptoms of depression. Short cold showers can instantly relieve any mental fatigue to help you feel more alert.

As you can see taking the time for a morning shower has significant benefits whether you opt for a hot or cold shower. If you can’t face the prospect of a cold shower then try introducing a little cold to your showering routine for short spurts. Check out our extensive selection of bathroom showers to help you create the perfect showering experience so you start every day feeling as good as possible!