Why choose Baths over Shower Enclosures?

Why choose a bath over a Shower Enclosure

Bath’s use to be an indulgence reserved for the weekend when time could be taken waiting for the bath to fill and the time to truly enjoy yourself, relax and unwind from day to day stresses. Well thanks to modern fixtures and fittings such as fast flow taps and shower mixer taps creating multiple functions to the once redundant bath baths are making a comeback.

In many modern homes bathrooms are getting smaller to make way for much needed living space however, that does not mean you have to choose between a shower enclosure or a bath, modern space saver baths are more compact, so you still have enough space for full functionality within your bathroom and with many having the added feature of a shower screen included you can utilise your space more without having to compromise on luxury.

Acrylic Bath

The first decision that needs to be made when choosing a bath is what material you would like your bath to made from there are two choices available steel or acrylic. Steel baths are popular due to their durability, and hygienic material as the steel finish means there is no porous surface for germs to breed, steel baths are also renewed for their conductive qualities when filled with hot water keeping you warming for longer. However the problem with steel baths is the sheer weight of them, they must be placed on a sturdy and strong floor. The alternative acrylic baths are more modern in style and size and more widely used than the steel alternatives due to their lightweight nature meaning easy installation as well as high quality and affordability. We have a wide range of acrylic baths for you to choose from which you can view online.

If you are trying to create your dream bathroom but are limited with space, but don’t want to compromise on functionality, why not choose a space saving bath? Bella Bathrooms stock a wide range of space saving styles including standard bathroom bath and corner baths to maximise the space available, along with many of the styles incorporate a shower bath design, so there is no need to choose between your bathroom fixtures.

When creating your dream bathroom it is an invest in your home so you shouldn't have to choose lesser products due to budget, at Bella Bathrooms we have a vast range of bathroom suites available to suit any budget all made to a high quality. Many of our baths have the option to upgrade them to include a whirlpool or wellness system creating those added touches of luxury to your bathing experience. The added extras include Bluetooth systems, Air spa and whirlpool settings with added lights fittings to create a relaxing atmosphere and area of tranquillity.