Why You Should Install A Heated Towel Rail Ahead Of Winter

Heated Towel Rail

Getting out of a warm shower or luxurious bath in the dead of winter can be a horrible experience without a warm towel to reach for. This makes heated towel rails and radiators an absolute must in many homes, especially where bathrooms do not lock in much heat. But with so many shapes and sizes to choose from in our generous heating range, and an ongoing debate about radiators vs towel rails, where should you start if you are considering this option ahead of winter? Bella Bathrooms takes a look at the options and the things you must know before you pick a heated towel rail for your home.

Heated Towel Rail

Heated Towel Rail: What are the Initial Considerations?

For those who will be replacing their bathroom radiator with a heated towel rail, it is important to consider the BTU – British Thermal Units. This will help to figure out how much heat the rail will give off, and what size needs to be purchased in order to keep the room warm like a radiator would. The BTU formula looks scary, but is actually quite simply: (height x width x length of your bathroom in metres) x 35.31 x 6 = the amount of BTU that you will need.

Heated Towel Rail

Types Of Heated Towel Rail:

Centrally Heated

Once you have got to grips with this formula and calculated your figures, you can start to look at the types of towel rail there are for you to choose from in our extensive range. There are generally three main types of towel rail, the first of which is the centrally heated towel rail. This functions much like a radiator, and is connected through the central heating system of the house. This obviously means that it can be set to a timer, which is very useful, but during the summer months when the heating is not used, the rail does not provide any function other than a stylish place to hang towels.


The second type is the electric towel rail, which relies, as the name might suggest, on the household electrical system. There are more convenient than centrally heated rails, as they can be turned on separately from other heating features in the home; they can be switched on whenever they are needed, even for a short time in summer.


The last type is the dual-fuel heated towel rail. This rail offers the best of both worlds; during the winter, they can be heated using the central heating, and during the summer, they can be powered using electricity. Homeowners needn’t turn on their central heating during the warmer months, but they can save electricity by using their central heating during the winter season.

Heated Towel Rail

What Style is for you?

There are a great number of different styles of towel rail to choose from aesthetically, meaning that these rails will be able to blend seamlessly with any existing interior. There are traditional Victorian designs, there are modern ladder-shaped designs, there are curved rails that offer a real element of design sparkle and there are designer options with everything from hoops to slats via spirals and coat hangers. The beauty of the towel rail is there is something for everyone, and there is no excuse to be stepping out of a hot shower into a cold room this winter.

Check out Bella Bathrooms’ stylish heated towel rail ranges and we are sure we will have the right solution to match your heating needs! If you need more help deciding on which is the ideal heating option for you then you may wish to view our buyers guide post to bathroom heating.