Winners of Our BritMums Blogging Competition are Revealed!

We are pleased to announce the winners of our blogging competition to win tickets to the fabulous BritMums Live event have been revealed along with the overall winner who is lucky enough to receive a bathroom makeover for free courtesy of ourselves here at Bella Bathrooms. Firstly we would like to thank all of the entrants who took their time to write some fantastic blogs for us. Both the number of entries and the standard were extremely high leaving us with some difficult decisions to make! We would also like to extend a big thank you to BritMums Live for giving us the opportunity to sponsor an award at this prestigious event that is growing in popularity.

Who were the Lucky Winners?

Choosing the overall winner was never going to be an easy task and so it proved to be! In the end we chose Clare Mansell (@maybushstudio) and her fabulous blog “5 Ways to Use Pinterest to Plan Your Bathroom”. This blog stood out for its inspired and original idea of using Pinterest to help people visualize what their own bathroom space could be transformed into. Here at Bella Bathrooms we are becoming more active with our own use of Pinterest by creating dream boards to get people excited about the latest in bathroom technology, plus different styles and colour trends they could have in their own bathroom. Follow us on Pinterest at to get ideas for creating your own luxury bathroom space. We look forward to working with Clare on her own bathroom makeover very shortly!

The runners up, who will be joining Clare at BritMums Live, all caught our imagination with their different blogs. Amy Squires (@inmy_bubble) came up with a blog post we are sure many people can identify with! Entitled “Making the Most out of a Little Bathroom for a Big Family” this blog had ideas for space saving solutions plus treating yourself to a luxury bathroom item. This undoubtedly can make a huge difference to how you use your space.

Claire O’Mara (@clairejustineo) produced a cleverly written blog which included relevant bathroom quotations which we thought was particularly quirky. She wrote about her ideas for creating her dream bathroom which highlighted the kind of luxury bathroom items people crave for in “A Stylish New Bathroom”. You have to dare to dream when it comes to imagining your perfect space!

Dawn Cameron (@dear_mummy) caught our attention with her blog “Our Monochrome Magic Bathroom” due to the clever writing angle she used. This blog was written from her little girl Bella’s (ironically!!) perspective who wished to create that relaxing haven for her mummy to retreat to. Bella definitely had some wonderful bathroom ideas a lot of mums would appreciate!

Michelle Ashmore (@shell1207) wrote a blog that we couldn’t fail to leave out! This blog “Tired Old Shower Room in Need of a Makeover” was frank and honest appraisal of her current shower room and how she wished to improve it. She also showed originality by using the clever boards on Pinterest to create ideas for her new shower room.

Well done to all the winners, we wish you all a fantastic time at BritMums Live and hopefully Bella Bathrooms can help the runners up create their dream luxury bathrooms in the future! All of our winning bloggers can be found on twitter (addresses above) and other social media outlets where you will find the links to their bathroom blogs. We now look forward to seeing who will win the award we are sponsoring at the BritMums Live Awards. The Brilliance in Blogging Awards has more than 200,000 nominations and the category we are involved in is the ‘Outstanding’ award for an attention catching blog. We are excited to be a part of such a huge event and are sure those lucky winners attending will have a fabulous time.