You Deserve This House – Bella Bathrooms

Bella Bathrooms recently donated a completely new bathroom suite to a new channel 4 programme called ‘You Deserve This House’. The programme’s aim is to renovate the homes of people who spend their lives help others. In episode 6 of the new series, the programme is based on a ladies home called Lesley ‘Monty’ Kirby. Lesley had to unfortunately retire from the NHS Trust after 20 years of service because of health issues but her well-known caring nature has not been lost. Lesley proved herself to care for others in both the community she lives in as well as various other charities nationwide. Lesley volunteered at her local community for the last eight years and later received an award for her massive contribution with the Thurrock’s Citizen Award 2010.

Amanda Lamb worked to a tight deadline with a group of teenagers from the surrounding community who had all volunteered to give back some love and care to a credit to the community in so many ways. Here at Bella Bathrooms we were very proud to be part of this project.