Frontline Bath Panels

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This gorgeous range of bath panels from Frontline will help you create a traditional or contemporary bathroom with ease. Easily affordable options come in an assortment of designs and sizes so that you can pick your personal favourite.

These bath panels provide the ultimate finishing touch with simple, straightforward style. Plain, minimalistic panels, delicately decorated borders or bolder, more intricate looks are available so that you can leave a personal touch.

Front panels and bath ends make a great accompaniment to a bathroom and these subtle looks will leave a clean, polished finish that will be the envy of all. Frontline bathrooms help you create your ideal luxury bathroom with crisp, minimalistic solutions that look fresh, precise and polished.


Adding the ideal finishing touch to your fixtures these panels are an ideal investment for creating a classic, traditional look that adds a little luxury and softness to your bathroom’s appearance. Bath panels remain in fashion with their understated, low key elegance and immediately boost the appeal of your bathroom in a timeless, enduring manner that adds real charm.

Frontline are most certainly ahead of the curve and so we think they are aptly named and ideal to turn to when you are seeking out quality investments for your bathroom. The pioneering professionals at Frontline have a long lineage in the industry and we know you’ll love this collection. You will definitely love the lifetime manufacturers’ guarantee they offer on all of their top quality products.