Frontline Bathroom Furniture

Finding the perfect furniture for your bathroom is not a decision to be taken lightly which is why we are here to present to you not one, not two but eight absolutely phenomenal collections categorised to create different ambiances and moods. You can buy an all-in-one bathroom suite or mix and match to create your own unique personalised finish. It really is completely up to you. You will be suitably impressed by the fantastic Frontline range of bathroom furniture.

Those looking for an echo of the old world should look to Aquamode Range 1 whilst Aquamode Range 2 is ideal for a moody contemporary appeal. Frontline Aquapure generates a clean, unfussy approach whilst Aquatrend Italia is ideal for minimalists with leanings towards European flare. Avola grey is a stunning little number that we’ve fallen madly in love with whilst Aquatrend gloss white is, as the name suggests, bang on trend with a classic conventional look that is squeaky clean and generates a crisp freshness. Aquatrend walnut creates rich, warm earthy tones and Avola white works well with stark backgrounds for a groundbreaking contrast to enliven your home.

Now that we’ve whizzed you through a run-through, we invite you to take a look and see what you prefer. Frontline know how to bring you sleek, stylish, ultra-modern and innovative styles to help you explore decadent, luxurious bathroom options at highly affordable prices. If you want furniture that doesn’t break the bank and doesn’t compromise on style, then look no further. There truly is something for everyone, whether you crave classic looks, long for modern merging or want something truly minimalist.

Top quality is also assured with the Frontline brand as they offer you a lifetime guarantee as standard on all of these bathroom furniture ranges.