Frontline Shower Trays

Choosing the right shower tray is essential to building your ideal shower enclosure – and therefore creating the perfect design and ambience in your bathroom. Although many homes still have the bath and shower as one unit, separate shower enclosures and elaborate standalone baths are rapidly increasing in popularity. Frontline offer a range of stylish shower trays which will rival any manufacturer in the current bathroom market for both design and quality.

We crave more spacious bathrooms which make us want to spend more time relaxing and rejuvenating. Frontline create bathroom items that epitomize this thought by creating luxurious feel and creative designs for their shower tray range. If you are renovating your main bathroom or perhaps an en suite which only has a shower, then take a look at these Frontline shower trays for top quality and incredible value. Available in an extensive range of shapes and sizes these trays offer something for every bathroom space.


What is Available in the Frontline Shower Tray Range?

Frontline offer shower trays in all of the most popular tray shapes; square,rectangular, quadrant and offset quadrant and the choice of different sizes within these shapes is also varied. From compact quadrant trays to lavish rectangular trays Frontline really do have it all covered. There are three ranges to choose from – Frontline Standard, Frontline Designer and Frontline Slimline. All designed and manufactured in the UK, the Frontline range is distinguished between the differing heights of the shower tray.

Frontline Standard

The standard ranges of shower trays at 80mm in height offers numerous sizes across the different shapes of shower tray and will suit most styles of bathroom and also are perfect to replace existing shower trays.

Frontline Designer

The Frontline Designer range is smaller in height (45mm) than the Standard range, giving a sleeker look overall without the noticeable lip around the perimeter.

Frontline Slimline

The Slimline range goes one step further by having virtually no height at all (25mm) – this makes it the perfect choice for wet rooms or for disabled or elderly access when showering. Create your own walk in shower or wet room with these sleek shower trays. The central self cleaning vortex with high flow waste ensures these slim shower trays deal with the excess water extremely quickly and efficiently as is necessary with the slimmest of trays.

These fantastic quality Frontline shower trays are constructed from ABS capped acrylic stone resin which is selected for both its strength and durability to ensure your shower tray has longevity. For those of us who enjoy daily showers this is an extremely important factor when selecting the perfect shower tray.

View our vast range of Frontline shower trays and we are confident you will find the perfect solution to complete your shower enclosure! The highest quality can be assured too as Frontline provide a fantastic lifetime guarantee on all of their shower trays. Frontline offers so much choice that it’s hard to make a final decision – give us a call if you’d like expert advice.