Do you need a wastewater disposal solution for a client where you don’t have to stick to the limitations of existing pipework? Do you want minimal fuss when it comes to installation, maintenance and servicing? Then the Grundfos range of compact lifting stations specifically designed for removal of wastewater is just what you’ve been looking for.

Here at Bella Bathrooms we understand the complexity involved in the plumbing and ‘invisible piping’ work of bathroom installations, as well as the importance of the interior design features. The background work is often overlooked yet it is critical it works seamlessly for the function of the bathroom; enter Grundfos lifting stations and Macerators.

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Combining groundbreaking innovation with modern convenience, the range of Macerators from Grundfos are ideal for those tricky jobs. Grundos offers the most powerful and reliable lifting stations on the market, as Bella Bathrooms only recommends the best in the industry. With a variety of options for collecting sewage and connecting pipes for waste from showers and wash basins, we also stock the Solalift2 C-3 Macerator. This product is unique in that it can lift and pump wastewater with a temperature of 90°C, for example from washing machines and dishwashers as well as the kitchen sink, bath, shower, bidet and wash basin.

Browse these premium wastewater products now – we’re positive you’ll find something to suit your needs.