Talon is a UK based manufacturer that originally specialised in supplying fastenings and fixings for plumbing jobs. As they have advanced over the 20 years they have been manufacturing they now provide a core range of pipe clips and cover profiles. These quality products will ensure that your bathroom pipe work can be hidden from view and held in place correctly. It will give you peace of mind when renovating or improving a bathroom that you are using the best plumbing accessory products available. We stock a selection of these Talon products to ensure that your bathroom is going to work efficiently over long periods of time.

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We have a decent selection of Talon products available to assist you in your bathroom project. Choose from both locking clips and nail clips (masonry) plus screw fixings in a variety of colours and pack sizes to best suit your bathroom job. We also stock a range of double covers for pipes which means your pipe work can be neatly covered away from view and doesn’t detract from the style of your bathroom. Finally we also stock white and chrome pipe collars for hiding any unsightly areas where the pipe work may pass through the walls or floors.

Here at Bella Bathrooms we are pleased to stock these useful plumbing accessories that will allow your bathroom plumbing to be fitted seamlessly into your bathroom. We offer these products extremely competitive prices and delivered directly to your door.

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