Unifix is a brand with an established reputation for supplying quality plastic fittings. They have been market leaders for over 50 years for supplying their products to a range of industries including the plumbing industry. Top quality is assured from this leading UK based manufacturer who is continuing to produce innovative products that will make such jobs in your bathroom more straightforward. They have developed a number of patented products such as the ‘Kliplok’ which is a hinged clip design that will withstand repeated opening and closing. This assures you that these products are built with durability in mind. These Unifix products will make securing pipe work or cable work simpler when renovating your bathroom space.

We have a small but select collection of Unifix products to help you keep your pie work or cable work securely in position. Choose from either single and double open clips or locking clips and masonry nail clips to best suit your bathroom job. These products are all finished in white so that they can be added to any type of bathroom design.

Here at Bella Bathrooms we are pleased to stock these useful plumbing accessories that will assist you in securing any pipes or cables in place during your bathroom improvements. We are able to offer these items at competitive prices and delivered direct to your door.

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