The KBSOUND bathroom basic sound system is a radio that you can hear without ever having to see it! No, this isn’t an imaginary device, buy it for yourself and see! Music adds a lot of ambiance to your bathroom and most of us like to have a little sing (even a bit of a dance) in the shower to banish those Monday morning blues or prepare for a Friday night on the town. Alternatively your bathroom radio can be used to create soothing tones whilst you while your time away relaxing in the bath.

Typically, music and water don’t mix well but the optimally innovative new invention from KBSOUND has most certainly changed all that. Once your bathroom is up and running, it’s just about furnishing it with all of the essentials and the KBSOUND bathroom basic sound system is pretty much top of our list!

Coming with a 2 year guarantee and finished in flattering white, this little wonder is for those who love life and want to brighten up their bathroom experience in a meaningful, entertaining manner. Coming with a 10mm speaker cable, 2 x 2 inch white speakers, an infra red receiver button, 760mm antenna and 4 function remote control, it also includes a combined FM tuner and power supply.

We know that when you’ve kitted out your dream bathroom, you don’t always want the decoration spoiled by your add-ons and additions which is why this sneaky, stealthy little song box can effortlessly and easily be installed and controlled by a detached remote meaning that you never have to see it if you wish! It certainly feels good to have all bases covered. Now, let the music play!

Set Descending Direction
Set Descending Direction