For a revolution in sound, the KBSOUND iSelect music systems are perfect for your bathroom. Who doesn’t like to sing in the shower or mellow out to some music of a morning? (It’s the perfect way to beat the Monday morning blues).

We all know that a little shower sing along is good for us, so whether you like to belt your lungs out or lie back and relax amongst the soapy suds, you can blare out the music - listening to classic crooners, enchanting melodies and even a few guilty pleasure pop songs. Here at Bella Bathrooms we think you will find the latest range of bathroom radios take the music in your bathroom to a brand new level.

The cutting edge music system is both a radio and a music dock and is available to be used in conjunction with iPods and iPads. There are two models available for those who like a little choice (we know we do), coming in at two different sizes, the iSelect 2.5 and the iSelect 5 ideally tailored to both smaller and larger rooms.

You can enhance your bathroom experience by surrounding yourself with high quality sound using a stylish and intuitive remote control that enables you to control music, adjust volume levels and store different radio stations. It’s so effortless and easy to install that you’ll be up and running in no time. There was a point in history where water and electronics didn’t mix but those days are over! Enjoy your music and your shower in style and complete safety with this revolutionary and utterly innovative new music system. Be assured of the top quality of these sound systems as they are offered with a 2 year manufacturers’ guarantee as standard.

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