The latest developments in bathroom radios provide you with a fantastic quality of sound to create the perfect atmosphere in your bathroom. The KBSOUND plus bathroom system is for those looking for a small step up from the KBSOUND bathroom basic sound system. For those that like getting loud and proud in the shower, whether it’s a sing-along session or a relaxing recital, this is the solution.

Traditionally, water and electronics aren’t the best of friends but those days are in the dark ages. If you like jamming along to your own music selection as you shower, the KBSOUND Plus Bathroom Sound system is the original and updated FM tuner, effortlessly installed into your ceiling or furniture rendering it practically invisible so it won’t disturb your bathroom decor.

Offering exceptional FM radio for your bathroom or kitchen, such a sound system is hard to beat and implements the very best of cutting edge, pioneering developments in the field. Your bathroom should be a livable space that helps you to feel at home which is why we advocate KBSOUND. Pioneers in their field, KBSOUND present a cool, fresh way to make music a part of your life.

With a 10m speaker cable, LCD remote control, 2 x 2 inch stereo speakers, a 760mm antenna and a choice of 3 speaker finishes, your system includes everything you’d ever need to get yourself up and running. Founded in 2008, KBSOUND export to over 38 countries with a system that is proving to be powerfully efficient and wildly popular. This is quite simply the must have music accessory for any music lover and also makes an ideal gift! Shower someone you love in song (see what we did there?)

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