The KBSOUND premium bathroom sound system is designed with music lovers in mind. There’s not a bad place to listen to your favourite tunes, but the shower definitely has to be one of our firm favourites – and the general public agree! Most of us enjoy a little sing in the shower which is why the KBSOUND system is so perfect.

The beauty of bathrooms is the versatility and variety that the room affords and although people might not agree when it comes to style (contemporary or traditional? Minimalist or delightfully crowded?), this is a humdinger that everyone can agree on making it the perfect present for a loved one, or for yourself. Adding high spec bathroom radios to your dream bathroom space can be that luxury item that completes your perfect experience.

With a 2 year guarantee, included with your sound system are 2 x 2.5” speakers, a 10m speaker cable, white fascia and trim, 760mm antenna, an optional IR remote control, a choice of 3 speaker finishes, a stylish wall mounted control unit, time, date and frequency display, 50 DAB and 20 FM station memory, 3.5mm jack for iPods and MP3 connectivity and what’s more, it’s available in either an FM or DAB version (phew!).

If you want full control over your shower experience, you can effortlessly use the input jack and attach to your iPod or MP3 and play an assortment of soothing sounds or pumped up beats through your exceptional speakers. If you don’t have any tunes to hand, you can simply tune into the radio. Because we all love music, we deserve a system that suits and that’s what KBSOUND provides!

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