Sound System Mirrors

Brace yourselves – we aren’t sure that you’re ready. Bathroom radios have certainly come a long way but they are about to go that step further. If you’re looking for an utterly revolutionary, completely cutting edge addition to your bathroom, look no further than this delectable assortment of sound system mirrors, brought to you by Bella Bathrooms.

This is the future: encompassing a gorgeous, fully functional and notoriously practical mirror with the added advantageous quality of being able to play music. This amazing assortment of mirrors can do it all; steam free surfaces (because who likes a cloudy mirror?), sensor switches and LED lights but we are most excited about the music playing feature.

Set Descending Direction
Set Descending Direction

The possibilities are endless; play music whilst brushing your teeth, washing your hair or going about your daily make-up and cleansing routine with music as your companion. With enabled Bluetooth connectivity, you can stream and play music directly or listen to internet radio through your smartphone or any other preferred device.

Brought to you by HiB, Ultra and Music in every room quality bathroom products are the name of their game. As one of the UK’s major suppliers, their years of experience and expertise have made them industry front runners with a commitment to high quality, cutting edge design, and powerful technology in line with present standards and regulations. Their dynamic and exciting range has got us on our tippy toes, which is why we can’t wait to introduce you to what is set to be a firm favourite. A modern day classic, your old mirrors will look boring in comparison! Check out our fantastic range here at Bella Bathrooms and see how you can bring the perfect ambience to your bathroom space.