Bathroom flooding is to be avoided at all costs though it has a much greater occurrence than you would realize! It is not just detrimental to the bathroom in question but can also damage the ceiling of the room below. People leaving a bath running at high flow can often come back to find water is overflowing into the room. An overflow is a useful bathroom accessory for both basins and baths and is one of the most vital items in our plumbing supplies range.

View our overflow range and make sure you remember to consider this vital item when choosing your basin or bath. The last thing you want is to ruin your newly renovated bathroom!

What is an Overflow?

Overflows are a useful piece of kit as they prevent the bath or sink from overflowing with water. They remove excess water from a bath or sink when the water level reaches a certain height in the unit. They are also available for tanks to prevent similar issues arising in the bathroom. They can be bought in white and chrome finishes matching your bathroom styling or suite.

McAlpine supply this overflow range and you can be assured of the quality of these items from a very reputable plumbing manufacturer.