Screws and Fixings


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  1. Universal Sealant Gun
    £4.75 Was £6.99
  2. Arley Painted Towel Rail Brackets
    £42.63 Was £58.80
  3. Arley White Nylon Towel Rail Brackets
    £52.55 Was £72.48
  4. Arley Standard Basin Brackets
    £2.87 Was £3.95
  5. Arley Heavy Duty Basin Brackets
    £3.92 Was £5.40
  6. Triton Unichrome Bar Mixer Shower Bracket
    £34.63 Was £40.00
  7. Triton Bar Mixer Exposed Pipework Fittings
    £34.38 Was £40.00
  8. Hudson Reed / Nuie Basin Fixing Kit
    £6.04 Was £13.00
  9. Nuie Pan Fixing Kit
    £5.54 Was £12.00
  10. Arley Basin Fixing Kit 8mm
    £3.51 Was £4.87
  11. Arley Basin Fixing Kit 10mm
    £3.64 Was £5.04
  12. Nuie Fast Fit Concealed Bar Fixing Kit
    £38.51 Was £83.00
  13. Manhattan Chrome Bar Valve Fixing Plate
    £20.45 Was £41.00
  14. Manhattan Chrome Fast Fix Brackets
    £8.48 Was £17.00
  15. Manhattan Black Round Overflow Insert
    £7.48 Was £15.00
  16. Manhattan Brass Round Overflow Insert
    £7.48 Was £15.00
  17. Manhattan White Round Overflow Insert
    £7.48 Was £15.00
  18. Manhattan Black Rectangle Overflow Insert
    £7.48 Was £15.00
  19. Manhattan Brass Rectangle Overflow Insert
    £7.48 Was £15.00
  20. Manhattan White Rectangle Overflow Insert
    £7.48 Was £15.00
  21. Cassellie Bar Shower Fixing Kit
    £5.15 Was £13.99

24 Items

Set Descending Direction

Here at Bella Bathrooms we aim to ensure that everything is thought of when it comes to providing you with products to fit your new bathroom suite. Screws and fixings are one of those important extras you may need to ensure you can attach fittings correctly in your bathroom. In our screws and fixings range we have the correct kits to help you fit basins, towel rails, toilet pans and even showers. To assist you with your shower fitting we also stock bar mixer shower brackets plus both concealed and exposed bar mixer pipe work fittings. The aim is to ensure you have the correct products to carrying out your bathroom installation successfully.

All the screw and fittings that you find here as part of our plumbing supplies is supplied from the UK’s leading manufacturers’ which assures you of their top quality. Our screws and fittings are offered with competitive prices and quick delivery direct to your door.