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  1. McAlpine R15 2 Way Connector
    £1.39 Was £1.45
  2. McAlpine R13 ABS Adaptor
    £0.71 Was £0.73
  3. McAlpine R12 Four Way Connector
    £1.81 Was £1.90
  4. McAlpine R11 Straight Connector
    £1.18 Was £1.22
  5. McAlpine WCTRAP4P 110mm Push Fit WC 'P' Trap
    £14.62 Was £15.22
  6. McAlpine WCTRAP4S 110mm Push Fit WC 'S' Trap
    £20.13 Was £20.95
  7. McAlpine WC-CON8V 4" / 110mm 90° Bend Adjustable Length Rigid WC Connector with Vent Boss
    Awaiting Delivery

Items 1-24 of 60

Set Descending Direction

There is no worse bathroom issue to avoid at all costs than a leaking toilet and that is why a WC connector is one of our most important items in our plumbing supplies. This means ensuring the pipe work which aids the waste removal from the WC pan is working efficiently at all times. Here at Bella Bathrooms we advise that you select a high quality product that have high performance water-tight connections and that is what you will get from our WC connector range. It is worth spending the extra money on a WC connector so that they both perform and stand the test of time.

View our WC connector range which is available in both 90mm and 110mm lengths and a variety of different shapes to best suit your toilets plumbing.

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