Electric Underfloor Heating

Getting up in the cold is never easy but with an efficient heating system in your bathroom you will feel the luxury of more heat. Electric underfloor heating in your bathroom is a perfect way to deal with those nasty winter mornings when you’re forced to pad onto freezing cold tiled floors. That’s because underfloor heating will magically transform those tiles into little heat pads emitting heat throughout the whole bathroom as opposed to a traditional radiator releasing heat from a single source. Electric heating systems can create the same warming effect for stone, wooden or even carpeted flooring too. Programmable timers allow you to set the perfect temperature whenever you need it so that your bathroom is already up to heat ten minutes before your alarm goes off. With the luxury of this underfloor heating in your bathroom you will find it hard to leave.

What is Available in the Electric Underfloor Heating Range?

  • Electric Undertile Heating Mat
  • Electric Undertile Heater
  • Underfloor Heating Programmable Thermostat
Set Descending Direction
Set Descending Direction

At Bella Bathrooms our underfloor heating systems are easy to fit and don't involve a lot of messy installation work. In fact this heating can easily be fitted by anyone who is a competent DIY’er. Another bonus on top of the extra heat is that it’ll also add space to your bathroom since you’ll no longer require clunky radiators to heat the room. It will completely change the way you can design your bathroom space as you no longer need to consider the space a radiator requires once your electric heating system is installed.

How Does Electric Underfloor Heating Work?

An electric underfloor heating system works by electric wiring which is installed under the flooring connected to your homes electricity supply. This can be via electric cable, heating mats or simply loose-fit wiring for awkward areas. Because of the thinness of the wires and its adaptability to awkward spaces, electric underfloor heating tends to be better for small areas such as bathrooms. It’s also easier to fit this underfloor heating system in older properties as it can be installed retrospectively. Electric heating pads are used for larger bathroom spaces as they can be rolled out over a larger area to make sure the heat fills the entire room.

The electric wires used for an underfloor heating system are placed on a bed of screed and a layer of insulation. This ensures that, once fitted, the underfloor heat goes upwards into the room rather than down. This ensures that the heat will fill your entire bathroom as opposed to just emanating from a single heat source which can leave your bathroom with cold spots. You will feel a real difference to the heat in your bathroom once you install this form of underfloor heating. The wires are then connected to the home’s main electrical supply and thermostat by a qualified electrician.

Electric Systems Vs Wet Systems

Electric underfloor heating systems tend to be less expensive to purchase and install than wet underfloor heating systems. The latter involves connecting a system of water piping to your current heating system in the sub floor to run the hot water through, which in turn requires a lot of space. As such an electric underfloor heating system tends to be the more popular choice. Electric underfloor will be most efficient in producing heat for bathrooms that are well insulated as they will ensure this extra heat is preserved within your bathroom.

Here at Bella Bathrooms we are proud to offer underfloor electric heating systems that can give constant heat to your bathroom. In the space where you choose to have relaxation the heat within the whole room will ensure you want to spend more time in the bathroom and give it a real feeling of luxury. Our underfloor electric heating systems are of top quality and are offered with a 25 year manufacturers’ guarantee as standard.