Bow Fronted

With the ever expanding market for separate shower enclosures new developments in enclosure shape are constantly evolving. The bow fronted shower enclosure is a new addition of enclosure to the world of showering. If you have the much envied space for a separate shower enclosure then these bow fronted enclosures are worth a look. Much like square and rectangular shower enclosures bow fronted enclosures can be installed in almost any sized bathroom. The design of a bow fronted enclosure ensures that the space within your shower is maximized. View our range of bow fronted enclosures and you will be impressed by the attractive and contemporary range on offer.

What is Available in the Bow Fronted Shower Enclosure Range?

  • Quadrant Bow Fronted Enclosure
  • Rectangular Bow Fronted Enclosures
  • D Shaped Bow fronted Enclosures
Set Descending Direction
Set Descending Direction

Why Choose a Bow Fronted Shower Enclosure?

The main feature of the bow fronted shower enclosure as the name suggests is the design, with the smooth and sleek bow front providing great modern styling whilst increasing the amount of showering space you have available. Bow fronted enclosures do not demand any more floor space in your bathroom but because of the bow front they create a larger space within the enclosure for you to shower. This creates a luxurious feel to this bow front style of shower by maximizing the available shower area in your bathroom.

Match Your Bathroom Design

Bow fronted shower enclosures really suit a bathroom space where smooth curves and minimal lines feature. Our range includes shower enclosures that have single or double sliding doors so that no extra space is required in your bathroom for the access to the shower. The single door versions look particularly minimalist in design and would suit a variety of modern bathrooms. Framed by modern chrome fittings and handles theses bow front enclosures really catch the eye.

Choose between a quadrant enclosure or a ‘d’ or ‘u’ shaped enclosure to best fit your bathroom space. For a different look the April Identiti2 Bow Fronted Sliding Door really commands attention in your bathroom with its wide single door and very generous showering space. Whichever of these bow fronted enclosures you choose you can guarantee an enjoyable showering experience in your luxurious new enclosure.

Generous Shower Space

Bow front enclosures fit particularly well into both recessed and corner spaces of your bathroom. These shower enclosures really suit a quadrant shape to create a smooth looking shower area in your bathroom. The quadrant shape helps to reduce the amount of space taken by the shower enclosure in your bathroom so that you have the room to fit other bathroom suite items that you desire comfortably. If you are looking for a shower enclosure to give you a generous showering area then this bow front design might be the right enclosure for you.

At Bella Bathrooms all of our shower enclosures are covered by a guarantee from reputable manufacturers allowing you to create your dream bathroom with the peace of mind that you are purchasing top quality items. Buy a bow fronted enclosure and enjoy showering in a more luxurious space that you will not want to leave!