Shower Rails

If you have a luxury shower curtain it is vital you have the perfect accessories for your curtain so that your bathroom functions perfectly. Shower rails are one of the most basic showering accessories you are likely to find however choosing the right rail for your bathroom is essential. We aim to make this decision as easy as possible with an extensive range of shower rails and rings to compliment your shower curtain. It is important to know that a shower rail can be cut to size and some rails can be moulded into any shape you require so no matter what shape of shower enclosure or bath you have we are sure that we will have the perfect curtain shower rail for your bathroom. Here at Bella Bathrooms our large range of curtain shower rails will suit a variety of different shaped showers and baths to make a perfect shower space in your bathroom.

What is Available in the Shower Rail Range?

  • Chrome Shower Rail
  • Shower Ring
  • Curved Shower Rail
  • Shower Curtain Track
  • Ceiling Mounted Shower Curtain Rail
Set Descending Direction
Set Descending Direction

A decent shower rail is vital to your bathroom so that you can have your shower curtain running smoothly bringing you privacy in your shower and the curtain will keep the rest of your bathroom free from excess spray. Choose between a telescopic curtain rail and a curved curtain rail to get the correct shower rail for your bathroom. A stylish curtain rail will not only make your shower appear smart but also make sure the curtain runs correctly within the bathroom.

Why Choose a Shower Rail?

Variety of Shower Rail Shapes

Due to the vast range of shower spaces you can now create in your bathroom there is a wide variety in the shapes and styles of a shower rail. We have a variety of curtain rails that are available with both side wall and ceiling attachments and also self supporting telescopic rails. The shape of the shower rails also varies from a curved rail to a straight rail and even an L shaped rail which provide you with a complete enclosure rather than a gap at one end. We also stock P shaped shower rails that suit the P shaped baths that are becoming popular as people opt for a shower bath that still comprises a generous shower area.

Curved shower rails create a better shower experience as the curtain is held away from the user meaning that you don’t get that ‘cling’ effect from the curtain. A circular shower rail can provide a more pleasant showering experience as you don’t come into contact with the curtain as easily. To create a complete shower enclosure you can also purchase a shower ring which is a rail that allows a shower curtain to completely surround you whilst in your shower for the ultimate in privacy within your bathroom. A circular shower rail will provide you with the flexibility of where you can position the shower enclosure.

Differeint Shower Rail Finishes

The finish of the shower rails also vary from white to chrome and even polished silver to help you create the finish that you want for your bathroom. It is the style of these additional accessories that really help you to keep your bathroom to theme. You will be pleasantly surprised at the different shower rail designs available for such a simple bathroom item.

View our large range of shower rails available and you will find the ideal rail on which your shower curtain can run perfectly from a circular shower rail to even a bendy shower rail. All these shower rails are supplied with manufacturers’ guarantees that assure you of their quality meaning they will be a vital asset to your bathroom for a long time to come. Keep your bathrooms running perfectly with the addition of a modern shower rail to accompany your chosen shower curtain all of which we offer at very competitive prices.