MX Shower Trays

Shower enclosures and wet rooms are ever increasing in popularity, as they really give a lavish spa-feeling in the bathroom, and can sometimes create more space for showering. If you’re thinking of building a separate shower enclosure, then why not choose the UK’s leading manufacturer in shower trays, MX Group. With four decades of experience, MX offers possibly the largest selection of shower trays anywhere on the web. They have considered every size and style of shower enclosure, and ensured they have plenty of options for all types of bathrooms. MX makes it possible for customers who can’t fit a square or rectangle shower in their bathroom to still have an enclosure, in any of their other shapes. With a range of quadrant and offset quadrant shower trays, in numerous sizes and heights, you are sure to find an ideal shower tray for the base of your perfect shower enclosure.The MX Group offer a fantastic range of showering products to create a luxurious bathroom.

What is Available in the MX Shower Tray Range?

  • Square MX Shower Tray
  • Rectangular MX Shower Tray
  • Quadrant MX Shower Tray
  • Offset Quadrant MX Shower Tray
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Why Choose an MX Shower Tray?

Profile Options

The large ranges of MX shower trays are available in both standard and low profiles. With any of MX’s Low Profile Shower Trays, customers can create the wet-room effect without the expense of renovating the entire bathroom. It gives the designer minimalist look, which is so desired at the moment, without the designer price tag. The low profile shower trays will also look particularly stylish with frameless enclosures to create a minimal look for your shower.

The standard shower trays are equally stylish and also available in the wide variety of shapes aforementioned. These MX shower trays are available in left or right hand orientation where applicable to best suit the layout of your bathroom. Optional riser kits are also available to create a step in shower if this is what you prefer in your ideal bathroom.

High Quality Design and Manufacturing

MX shower trays are made from an ABS acrylic capped surface which creates a luxurious feel for your shower enclosure. These trays have heat retaining properties and are both tough and resilient to stand the rigours of everyday use.

The waste flow from the majority of these trays is free high flow which literally sucks the excess water from the tray. This makes MX trays very hygienic and easier to keep looking pristine. The waste is situated towards the front of the tray which ensures the water drains away from you when you are showering.

MX trays offer you huge flexibility in both shape and size of shower tray which is why they are a popular addition to any shower enclosure and also why we choose to feature them in our shower tray section. MX also offers a 25 year guarantee on their shower trays which assures you of the top quality when purchasing one of these shower trays.