Shower Heads and Showering Accessories

Your shower isn’t just about the look of the doors and shower tray, there is also the fittings to consider so that the whole matches the sum of the parts beautifully. To ensure you have the most comfortable shower for you it’s important to consider what type of shower head you’d like (fixed or flexible), and how easy the riser rail is to use. Then in aesthetic terms there are the wall brackets, shower arms and shower hoses to choose from. At Bella Bathrooms we have a wide range of fittings to choose from to help you create the perfect shower experience. These shower accessories are also available in a range of different designs to match the style of your bathroom.

Which Shower Accessories can you choose from?

Fixed Shower Heads

There is an amazing range of fixed shower heads available on the market today – and some of them very glamorous looking indeed. From the very trendy large shower heads such as the fixed double square ceiling plate for a ‘his’ n ‘her’ shower to a chrome shower head rose, thin fixed shower head, paddle shower head and even a star-shaped version – you really can go to town when it comes to upright designer bathing. Whether you are looking for a traditional shower head or a modern monsoon shower head you will find it on our fixed shower head selection.

Shower Riser Rails

Whether you’re looking for a Victorian and very vintage style shower riser rail, an ultra smart modern minimalist version or a simple slide rail kit, here at Bella Bathrooms we’ve more than 90 different versions for you to choose from. A shower riser rail gives you flexibility for the height of your shower which makes it suitable for both children and adults to use. We have a vast selection of shower riser kit types from budget white versions to luxury chrome units.

Shower Arms

Curved, rectangular, round and square – as you’d expect shower arms have evolved since the original pipe sticking out of the wall. You now get a shower arm as elaborate as you like and we’ve certainly got a large selection to look through here. Indeed you will find a shower head holder to compliment any bathroom design.

Shower Handsets

Shower handsets are particularly popular amongst elderly customers and individuals with limited mobility as they can be used to direct water wherever is needed without having to strain or exert the body. They’re also useful for those who like to wash their hair in the bath (otherwise they’d have to leave that nice warm bath to shower). Another plus for shower handsets is that they can be installed within minutes without any fuss with having to buy extra materials. We have a range of shower head and hose packs to offer you this flexibility of an additional shower area.

Shower Hoses

Match your shower hose with the rest of your shower accessories and equipment to get a shower that best suits your bathroom. Even shower hoses boast a variety of different fittings and looks these days. And you thought at choosing at this stage was going to be easy!

Shower Wall Brackets

It may be small in comparison to the other fixtures that go to make up your entire shower unit but the shower wall bracket can make or break the overall look of your shower. This should, of course, match the rest of your shower fittings – and that’s why all the major bathroom designers such as Hudson Reed, Mira and Home of Ultra all supply shower wall brackets to match the rest of their products. Take a look today at the variety available – in chrome, silver and white. These shower fittings give you a seamless finish to your shower enclosure.

Shower Body Jets

Shower body jets can help you add a touch of luxury to your bathroom by creating a spa environment for your own bathroom. These body jets can be placed within your enclosure or wet room to create a unique showering experience. We have a decent range of shower body jets in a variety of shapes and finishes to suit the theme of your bathroom.

View our range of shower heads and shower accessories to find the perfect items to compliment your shower enclosure.