Shower Arms


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  1. Hudson Reed Curved Wall Mounted Shower Arm
    £24.59 Was £53.00
  2. Hudson Reed Round Ceiling Mounted Arm 150mm
    £18.10 Was £39.00
  3. Hudson Reed Round Ceiling Mounted Arm 300mm
    £23.19 Was £50.00
  4. Nuie Square Shower Arm 350mm
    £28.76 Was £62.00
  5. Frontline Round Ceiling Shower Arm 150mm
    £60.90 Was £74.00
  6. Hudson Reed Wall Mounted Shower Arm 345mm
    £22.74 Was £49.00
  7. Hudson Reed Large Rectangular Shower Arm
    £53.82 Was £116.00
  8. Moods Chrome Round Shower Arm 300mm
    £18.92 Was £29.00
  9. Moods Chrome Square Shower Arm 300mm
    £26.10 Was £40.00
  10. Moods Round Ceiling Arm 120mm
    £13.70 Was £21.00
  11. Moods Square Ceiling Arm 120mm
    £24.80 Was £38.00
  12. RAK Black Rectangular Shower Arm 300mm
    £41.91 Was £77.50
  13. RAK Black Rectangular Ceiling Shower Arm 250mm
    £38.40 Was £71.00
  14. RAK Chrome Round Wall Mounted Shower Arm 300mm
    £25.14 Was £46.50

Items 1-24 of 50

Set Descending Direction

The shower is fast replacing the bathtub as the most significant measure of luxury in the bathroom – people seem to be getting bored with soaking, whereas shower features and technology are evolving day by day. Shower enclosures and wet rooms come in so many shapes and sizes, and have never ending options for personalisation, allowing homeowners to create the shower of their dreams.

From body jets to large, double showers the possibilities really are endless. A common feature now in a modern wet room or enclosure is for the shower head to be permanently attached to the wall or ceiling. Extended from the wall, it looks ultra-stylish and sleek while giving the desired ‘power shower’ feel. This design is often sought out in extravagant hotels and spas, and now you too can have this effect in your own home with Bella Bathrooms’ range of shower arms.

In this range you are bound to find an ideal shower arm to suit the design of your bathroom; from minimalistic to noticeable clean curves, you can transform your shower with minimal expense. If you are designing your shower enclosure from scratch then this is a crucial design element you will have to consider. If you think you may still want to have a portable shower handset to hold in your hand, then why not have both?! Many contemporary showers feature more than one shower head – one fixed and one you can move around for convenience.