Shower Body Jets

Showers are becoming an ever popular must have item in peoples dream bathrooms. A shower is more appropriate for the busy lifestyle of today and so a trend for creating a separate shower area has developed. With the increasing popularity of the shower more advanced shower accessories are being developed all the time. These will give your shower a perfect finishing touch.

People are trying to achieve the luxury shower experience that you would find in luxury boutique hotels or spas in their own home. If you want to create that luxury feel for your shower, without the cost, then look no further than the body jets range here at Bella Bathrooms. These body jets can transform showers into a truly refreshing and stimulating experience. With a variety of body jets to choose from you are sure to find one suited to your individual tastes as well as one that fits within your bathroom.

Set Descending Direction
Set Descending Direction

Shower body jets are additional jets of water that enhance the experience of your shower. These jets spray water across different areas of your body depending on where you place them in your shower. Body jets can have a massaging effect on the body to relieve you of tiredness or tightness in your body making showers more invigorating than ever before. The benefit of these body jets it that they can be turned off if you just want a regular shower.

Our range of shower body jets all have a chrome finish to fit in perfectly with your modern shower. The shower jets are available in both square and round designs depending on which jets will best match your shower style or even bathroom. Check out the Hudson Reed Rain Bar for a truly unique addition to your shower enclosure. This sleek bar has numerous small jets that will stream water across your body. These jets tend to be slightly less strong in order to mimic the ‘rainfall’ effect. This rain bar would suit a waterfall style shower head as the rain bar jet will compliment that perfectly.

View our range of shower body jets here at Bella Bathrooms which can add a touch of luxury to your shower. Offered at a competitive price with quick delivery you can transform your shower experience today. Our shower body jets are offered from the UK’s leading manufacturers’ assuring you these top quality jets will make long lasting accessories for showers for years to come. You will never want to leave your shower once you experience these fabulous body jets.