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Shower Handsets


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  1. Triton Leah Eco 2 Position Chrome Shower Head
    £38.27 Was £44.00
  2. Triton Amber 1 Position Chrome Shower Head
    £16.85 Was £19.00
  3. Triton Ella 1 Position Chrome Shower Head
    £18.38 Was £21.00
  4. Triton Nitro 1 Position Chrome Shower Head
    £15.32 Was £18.00
  5. Triton Emma 1 Position Chrome Shower Head
    £19.92 Was £23.00
  6. Triton Kirsty 5 Position Chrome Shower Head
    £29.11 Was £34.00
  7. Triton Laura 5 Position Chrome Shower Head
    £30.63 Was £35.00
  8. Nuie Minimalist Square Handset
    £9.27 Was £20.00
  9. Cassellie Square Outlet Holder, Hose & Handle
    £19.18 Was £51.99
  10. Cassellie Round Outlet Holder, Hose and Handle
    £16.66 Was £46.99
  11. Cassellie Chrome Round Shower Handset
    £4.32 Was £11.99
  12. Cassellie Traditional Shower Handset
    £10.91 Was £25.99
  13. Nuie 3 Function Shower Handset
    £6.96 Was £15.00
  14. Nuie Easyclean Shower Handset
    £9.27 Was £20.00
  15. Nuie Rectangular Easyclean Shower Handset
    £9.74 Was £21.00
  16. Nuie Round Easyclean Shower Handset
    £6.96 Was £15.00

Items 1-24 of 52

Set Descending Direction

The shower is a bathroom feature which gets used countless times a day, especially in a big household, so it stands to reason that you’re likely looking for a durable solution that offers high performance 24/7. Showers are now available in so many different styles; over a bath, in an enclosure or a cubicle or within a wet room which means the level of choice when it comes to style of handset is second to none. Whichever shower scenario you have in your home, this range of shower handsets is designed to enhance your showering experience and make it a pleasure rather than a chore.

Our experts have handpicked a large variety of showerheads and handsets from top brands to ensure we can meet your showering needs. Whether you’re looking to add a focal point in your shower, or simply a subtle additional handset for more convenience in the shower, this range is guaranteed to impress.

When it comes to aesthetics and attractive design, you will be spoilt for choice. However aside from the variety of modern round and rectangular handsets, many included in the range boast hi-tech features and state of the art technology. The AeroTec3 Shower Head combines air and water for a more powerful spray – with interchangeable spray patterns – and can save more than 20% of water. Moreover, most of the shower heads and handsets in this collection offer fantastic value for money, priced under £10.