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Shower Heads


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  1. Moods Round Chrome ABS Showerhead 200mm
    £16.09 Was £25.00
  2. Moods Chrome Round Showerhead 200mm
    £48.26 Was £75.00
  3. Moods Chrome Square Showerhead 200mm
    £51.48 Was £80.00
  4. Moods Chrome Round Showerhead 250mm
    £67.57 Was £105.00
  5. Moods Ultraslim Round Showerhead 200mm
    £31.53 Was £49.00
  6. Moods Ultraslim Square Showerhead 200mm
    £31.53 Was £49.00
  7. Moods Ultraslim Round Showerhead 250mm
    £41.83 Was £65.00
  8. Moods Ultraslim Square Showerhead 250mm
    £41.83 Was £65.00
  9. Moods Traditional Round Shower Head 200mm
    £51.48 Was £80.00
  10. RAK Black Round Ultra Slim Shower Head 250mm
    £66.79 Was £123.50
  11. Frontline Macillo Fixed Shower Head
    £284.80 Was £395.00
  12. Frontline Espada Fixed Shower Head
    £246.68 Was £363.00
  13. Frontline Square Shower Head 200mm
    £89.37 Was £132.00
  14. Frontline Round Ultra Thin Shower Head 250mm
    £125.13 Was £184.00
  15. Frontline Round Ultra Thin Shower Head 350mm
    £146.58 Was £216.00
  16. Frontline Round Designer Shower Head 200mm
    £78.64 Was £116.00
  17. Frontline Round Designer Shower Head 300mm
    £146.58 Was £216.00

Items 1-24 of 101

Set Descending Direction

Our range of fixed shower heads give you the mean to personalise your shower to meet all of your wants and needs. Whether you opt for a ceiling-mounted ‘rain’ style shower head, or a traditional head affixed to the wall, you’ll be setting yourself up for the ultimate shower experience – guaranteed.

The fixed shower heads available here from Bella Bathrooms are available in a multitude of sizes, shapes and designs. We’ve got the wall-fixed heads, circular overhead showers and even an extravagant star-shaped design that is sure to make the ultimate style statement.

One of the greatest things about fixed shower heads is that they put an end to fiddling with adjustable shower heads for good. Once you’ve specified your ideal angle, they remain in that same position, so you’ll never find yourself twisting dials and adjusting the spray to find your perfect showering position again – you’ll step into your shower and be greeted by the perfectly-positioned shower head chosen by you for an unforgettable shower, every time.

Like all of the categories at Bella Bathrooms, the fixed shower head section boasts some of the most respected and renowned names in bathroom fittings – Ultra, Croydex and Triton are all here and accounted for, showcasing some of the most beautiful designs ever. Browse the range and choose your favourite today, for an inimitable showering sensation.