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  1. Nuie Minimalist Outlet Elbow
    £11.99 Was £26.00
  2. Nuie Round Outlet Elbow
    £3.23 Was £7.00
  3. Nuie Luxury Curved Shower Slider Rail Kit
    £35.52 Was £77.00
  4. Hudson Reed Square Outlet Elbow
    £12.93 Was £28.00
  5. Hudson Reed Traditional Shower Slider Rail Kit
    £66.92 Was £145.00
  6. Hudson Reed Grand Rigid Shower Riser Rail Kit
    £287.47 Was £623.00
  7. Hudson Reed Linear Shower Slide Rail Kit
    £44.30 Was £96.00
  8. Hudson Reed Slimline Shower Slide Rail Kit
    £51.69 Was £112.00
  9. Hudson Reed Sheer Rectangular Slide Rail Kit
    £80.76 Was £175.00
  10. Nuie Drench Shower Riser Rail
    £22.62 Was £49.00

Items 1-24 of 85

Set Descending Direction

Shower riser rails are a practical and durable solution for any family bathroom, allowing you and your family to completely customise your shower experience. There has been an increase in people choosing showers as the luxury item for the bathroom. View our range of shower riser kits from respected bathroom brands which are guaranteed to be a quality addition to your shower. Ajustable shower riser rails allow the user to choose the height of the shower head by sliding it up and down the riser rail, making them an essential addition to any family bathroom space used by adults and children alike.

Shower slider rails are also a good addition to luxury shower enclosures which have two shower outlets. The shower riser rail can hold the shower head which can be used with an over head shower.

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