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  1. Nuie Chrome Square Wall Bracket
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  2. Nuie Wall Bracket
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  3. Nuie Luxury Wall Bracket
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  4. Croydex Adjustable Shower Wall Bracket Chrome
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  7. Moods Round Wall Bracket
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9 Items

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So you have designed and installed the perfect shower, with your ideal shower kit and stylish shower head; but how do you make the water appear where you want it to? If you opted for a non-fixed shower head seem to be regretting it help is at hand in this fantastic range of wall brackets from Bella Bathrooms. To keep a movable shower handset at a fixed point you have two options – a shower riser rail or a wall bracket.

Here at Bella Bathrooms we prefer wall brackets, as they are much more compact and sleek, and don’t interfere with the rest of the shower design. However with wall brackets you need to bear in mind that once you have chosen the position of the bracket it cannot be altered. This makes it ideal for couples or adults living together if you’re a similar height; if it’s a family bathroom or members of the household prefer to alter the height of the shower head, then browse our range of shower riser kits instead.

Our range of shower wall brackets can effectively enhance your showering experience for as little as £2. Available in white or a chrome finish, we are sure you’ll find a product to exactly match the existing style of your bathroom and be practical enough to get the job done.