Salamander CT FORCE Pumps

Nobody wants to step into a shower only to be greeted with a veritable dribble of lukewarm water, due to low water pressure. Salamander Pumps are way ahead of the problem with their comprehensive collection of heavy-duty brass-ended shower pumps, designed to create forceful, invigorating, powerful showers that stimulate and relax, depending on your wishes.

With products ranging from 1.5 bar all the way up to the ultra-powerful 3-bar pumps, the Force range from Salamander Pumps has something to suit everyone. Fully automatic and outstandingly reliable, the taps boost hot and cold water supplies to mixer valves, supplying a wide range of shower types and shower heads, as well as individual taps, cisterns and other appliances.

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The pumps are superb quality, and are highly efficient, with a brand new water-way design. The newest models also have reduced noise generation, so you can enjoy a powerful shower without any loud noises. The pumps simply exude quality and reliability – they’re guaranteed for two years minimum but will provide super-efficient, invigorating showers for much longer if maintained properly.

Browse the range – if you have any questions, get in touch with one of our friendly bathroom experts at Bella Bathrooms. We can point you in the direction of your dream bathroom.