Salamander CT Xtra Pumps

The CT Xtra range of shower pumps from pump specialists Salamander is the ideal choice when you’re looking for a new shower pump. Whether you need a single or twin shower pump, the experts at Salamander Pumps can always help and the CT Xtra collection is comprehensive – you’re bound to find the right pump for your home or business.

These pumps will boost the water supply not only to the bathroom but also to the rest of the house too, offering great value for money. Not sure if you need a single outlet pump or a twin shower pump, or what the bar pressure even means? If you need some help when choosing your shower pump, give us a call today and we can try and identify the style of shower pump you’ll require for your needs.

It can get quite tricky, so leave it to the experts at Bella Bathrooms – who will no doubt recommend any of Salamander’s pumps. As a huge name in the pump manufacturing industry, they have been making a versatile range of shower pumps for over 25 years. This range gives a quiet performance which is another added bonus, not to mention the huge savings on offer on this page!

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