Salamander ESP Pumps

Specially designed for tank-fed systems, the ESP range of shower pumps successfully increase flow and pressure around the whole house. Are your taps emitting a meagre dribble instead of a soothing, powerful flow? Then a Salamander pump is probably just what you need.

The ESP range is especially convenient (and helpful for DIY plumbing novices) because the pumps can be used on either positive or negative head systems. That means all you have to worry about when browsing for the right shower pump is your pressure requirements. Salamander is a well-respected name in the plumbing world and has been for over 25 years. As a strong UK manufacturer, you can rest assured that buying from Salamander pumps means buying British and supporting the local economy. The business strives to use EU components in all its products, and 90% are sourced in the UK.

The Salamander brand is a definite staple here at Bella Bathrooms, offering quality, value and a friendly service and we’re sure you’ll find something to meet your need in the ESP pump range. The UK pump experts manufacture products to suit almost all showering needs! Browse this innovative range today and get in touch if you need any expert advice.

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