Stuart Turner 12/50 Pumps

Shower pumps might not seem like an exciting investment but they are definitely necessary. People get so blindsided by sensational staples like showers, units and taps that they forget the little guy keeping it all up and running. Yes it’s true, our luxury bathrooms wouldn’t get very far without the help of the humble pump.

This versatile selection of Stuart Turner pumps mean that you can easily kit yourself out with the best match for you whilst trusting that your bathroom is in safe, utterly dependable hands. As the ideal solution to demanding pumping problems, this decent range of centrifugal pumps offer a robust and durable pumping solution. The 12/50 pumps provide you with great performance from a compact unit. View our range here at Bella Bathrooms and find the best pump for your water pressure boosting needs.

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What is Available in the Stuart Turner 12/50 Range?

We have a selection of the 12/50 pumps in both 12V and 24V versions. These pumps can help to solve demanding pumping problems. The compact, diminutive size and tenacious construction ensure that combined with the pumps further range of features, including heavy duty d.c. motors, pumping problems have become a thing of the past. The body is made from brass and includes a plastic impeller, stainless steel pump shaft and seal materials concocted from nitrile, carbon and ceramic. This extensive range of pumps lets you select the suitable size and install effortlessly and immediately so that you can get things on the go in an instant.

Stuart Turner pumps began as a hobby of the main man himself back in 1906 but that hobby quickly became a profession. With clients in the UK and overseas, Stuart Turner is an industry mainstay and one of the most popular pump providers. Take a look below to find your perfect pump. Trust us; you’re in safe hands.