Stuart Turner Accessories

Looking for practical, functional accessories? Well search no further! This range of accessories from Stuart Turner pumps has everything that you could possibly need and more. From entry flanges, floating switches and control modules, to inline strainers and anti-vibration pump mounting pads. All items are ideal alongside your new pump! Utterly affordable, you won’t know how you survived without these essentials that will ensure your shower pump runs smoothly and efficiently.

Entry flanges are designed to professionally remove a hot water feed to your shower pump whilst floating switches operate to reliably control a pump dependent on the water level in a tank or sump. Control modules enable users to switch shower pumps without controls and be used in tandem with both positive and negative plumbing systems incorporating run dry protection. Anti-vibration pump mounting pads provide further sound insulation reducing the transmission of noise and vibration from a shower pump. Take your time to get acquainted with each item to make the most viable choices for your bathroom.

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Brought to us by Stuart Turner who has been successful in this industry since 1906 these accessories encapsulate present innovations with the expertise and knowledge of the past. On the cusp of new revelations, Stuart Turner is always surprising us with their innovative yet dependable products. With over a century of expertise when it comes to engineering experience and continuous investment in pioneering changes and enviable manufacturing skill, Stuart Turner is the ultimate choice for both the UK and overseas market. With such exciting credentials, can you blame us for being a sucker for their stuff? Browse our range, here at Bella Bathrooms, of these versatile accessories and we’re sure you’ll find something to suit any requirement.