Stuart Turner CH Pumps

Not everything designed for your bathroom is pretty; a lot of it serves a vital function: introducing the expertly crafted CH range from Stuart Turner pumps. With a mantra stating ‘engineered to excel’, you know you’re in trustworthy hands. The CH range of centrifugal multistage shower pumps are designed and produced to provide a high quality, consistent and utterly reliable solution for any bathroom application that requires a high flow rate of up to 160 I/min and heads up to 62 metres (we’re looking at you, power shower!)

The CH range of pumps are absolutely ideal as the most sought after base unit for pressure boosting sets for any application where long pipe runs or high heads may be involved. Ideal for commercial or domestic use, pumping cold or hot water, the range is self-priming up to 5m, quietly operational and effortless to install, so if you’re looking for a DIY job you’ve got one that you can quite easily accomplish. Constructed from brass and stainless steel, the seal materials are EPDM, carbon and ceramic. There are a whole host of products to choose from to ensure that you make the right choice for you and your bathroom.

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What is Available in the Stuart Turner CH Pump Range?

As with all the Stuart Turner Pump ranges these pumps are available in varying bar pressures depending on how much of a boost you require for your water supply. Choose between the centrifugal, automatic and boostamatic versions within the CH range. The centrifugal is the base unit and suits applications where there is a lengthy pipe run or a high head. The automatic range is suited to boost the pressure to water outlets in a positive head position whilst the boostamatic can provide pressure to positive or negative heads and doesn’t require gravity to activate them.

These shower pumps were crafted by Stuart Turner CH, specialists in the pump building industry so you’ll be investing in a brand that’s been going since 1906 (yes, that long!). They combine all of the knowledge and expertise garnered from their long extensive history in the business whilst fusing modern day developments and revolutions. Beginning as a hobby for the founder, the company is known as a widely acclaimed expert so you really can do no better. Treat your bathroom to the best of the best to get it functioning optimally.