Stuart Turner Jet Pumps

Stuart Turner Jet pumps might sound like something from out of a James Bond movie but they really serve a very practical purpose. Some bathrooms require a little extra help in boosting the water pressure so it can run smoothly. A great way to ensure that it does just that is to invest in a name you can trust and Stuart Turner is that name.

This renowned, versatile myriad of Stuart Turner pumps is just perfect for the high pressure delivery of clean non-potable water from a water tank or cistern. The effective Jet shower pumps feature a carbon-ceramics seal and are able to prime up to 5 metres whilst also coming supplied with a carry handle, a manual on/off switch for convenience and a power lead fitted with a 13 amp fused plug. The range itself is ideally suited to general cold water pumping applications. View our range here at Bella Bathrooms and you will see how these cost effective pumps can improve a wide range of general purpose applications.

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What is Available in the Stuart Turner Jet Pump Range?

As a portable Jet pump, it can be used by many households and light industrial users. Two of its sterling features include water pressurisation and lawn sprinkler boosting. The portable carrying handle means you can take this item with you wherever you need to go. The 1.5m lead and 13 amp plug are fitted and a built in on and off switch is incorporated.

The Jet pump comes in three different versions; Standard Centrifugal, Jet Boostamatic and Pressure Set. The Standard Jet is a highly affordable pump which delivers non-potable water form a water tank at high pressure and is suitable for general cold water applications. The Jet Boostamatic is slightly more flexible as it is able to deliver this high pressure water to applications in a positive or negative head position. It is also a fully automatic pump. Finally the Jet Pressure set is similar to the Boostamatic in providing high pressure water from a tank except this set includes a 24 litre diaphragm tank which gives you a buffer of 12 litres of pressurised stored water.

The easy installation and quiet operation of these Jet Pumps is boosted by the stainless steel pump body and shaft, plastic impeller and seal materials constructed from EPDM, carbon and ceramic.

Brought to us by Stuart Turner, the company have been in operation since 1906 and bring the best of the old with the newest of the new with innovative dependable practicality you can trust. Quality is assured with the manufacturers guarantee as standard. Here at Bella Bathrooms we think you will be highly impressed with these cost effective yet high performance Jet Pumps.