Stuart Turner Monsoon Pumps


Showers are becoming a highly sought after item for modern bathrooms and to have them perform to their maximum a quality shower pump can help improve the performance of your dream shower. Those intending to get a quality power shower will no doubt find themselves in the market for a Stuart Turner Monsoon Pump. That’s because of all the makers of shower pumps around, Stuart Turner pumps are amongst the best in the business (both at home and abroad). The Stuart Turner Monsoon range of shower pumps are used in a variety of situations – both domestic and commercial – such as to boost cold and hot water in the home, to assist with water in areas where the location is higher up than the tank itself such as an attic en-suite, and to boost a water system throughout the home or industrial premises.

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The exceptional Stuart Turner Monsoon range features high performance, premium quality brass domestic shower pumps and whole house water pressure boosting pumps. These shower pumps have been specifically designed by Stuart Turner to meet the demands of different domestic applications from something as simple as a single tap or power shower up to pumps that can boost the water pressure of a complete bathroom or even entire property.

Stuart Turner Monsoon Pumps are designed with quality in-mind and are effective enough to work in high traffic areas such as leisure centres, schools and large office buildings too. However they are affordable enough to be purchased for a single domestic dwelling too to pump water more efficiently to your power shower. Create your perfect shower experience by adding a Stuart Turner Monsoon shower pump to your dream bathroom.

What Stuart Turner Pumps are Available?

Stuart Turner offers an extensive range of Monsoon shower pumps in their Standard and Universal ranges. These shower pumps are available in a wide variety of bar ratings depending on how much of a boost you require for your shower from low to high. Choose from either single or twin impellers depending on whether you need to boost the cold or hot water supply or both and you will see there is a Stuart Turner pump to suit every type of shower, bathroom or home. An additional feature of the Stuart Turner Monsoon shower pump range is they are an extremely quiet operating shower pump meaning that they function discreetly within your home. Create that extra power in your shower without waking the entire household!

As an approved retailer of Stuart Turner shower pumps here at Bella Bathrooms we have a range of Stuart Turner Monsoon shower pumps available for immediate purchase which start from the Standard Single 2.0 Bar Pump all the way up to the Universal Twin 4.5 Bar Negative Head Pump to give the appropriate boost to your water pressure and shower.

Monsoon Standard Single

This range of shower pumps will boost the water pressure and flow in vented systems. Stuart Turner Standard pumps only operate under positive head conditions. This is when sufficient pressure is available under gravity to provide a flow at the outlet (tap or shower head). These Monsoon Standard Single pumps can be used to boost either the hot or cold water supply. They can also boost a blended water outlet between a shower valve and shower rose but they are not suitable for pumping water supplies to common mixers.

Monsoon Standard Twin

This Stuart Turner pump range is suitable for installation into vented systems to pump both the hot and cold water supply equally. This can help to boost both water supplies to a high performance shower system to give you that all important extra power in your shower. This Monsoon shower pump can help to improve the hot and cold water flow to your bathroom or kitchen and is even powerful enough to boost the water services around your entire home. This Standard Twin shower pump also only works under positive head conditions where the water supply is higher than the outlet (such as shower head).

Monsoon Universal Single

Monsoon Universal pumps are fully automatic meaning they will function under both positive and negative head conditions making them a more flexible type of shower pump. The Stuart Turner Universal Single pump can be used as a single pump to boost a water supply as required or can be used in pairs to boost vented systems by pumping hot and cold water separately. These shower pumps can help to boost hot water to a common mixer where the cold supply is mains fed. It can also be used to increase the pressure to a combi boiler via a break tank.

Monsoon Universal Twin

The Stuart Turner Monsoon Universal Twin range is also a fully automatic shower pump that will function under both positive and negative head conditions. This removes the guesswork when selecting the correct shower pump. It can boost the hot and cold water supplies to individual rooms or complete bathrooms. This Stuart Turner shower pump will pressurise the water supply enough to boost the water in loft conversions were the outlet (such as a shower head) is higher than the actual water source.

We are proud to be an approved retailer of the Stuart Turner Monsoon range as they are one of the highest performance shower pumps on the market today. Stuart Turner take pride in producing pumps of the highest quality and this is backed up by the minimum of a three year guarantee they offer on their shower pumps. Take a look at our Stuart Turner Monsoon shower pump range here at Bella Bathrooms and see how you can have the water pressure improved in both your bathroom and home today.