Stuart Turner PH Pumps

Perfectly crafted for when space is at a premium, you can pump clean, fresh water and other clear, non-explosive liquids with similar characteristics to water with these Stuart Turner PH Pumps. The durable brass body and impeller, stainless steel pump shaft and seal materials nitrile, carbon and ceramic make this a resolute and dependable choice. The experts at Stuart Turner pumps know what they are doing as their enviable base of UK and overseas clients can attest to. Started by hobbyist Stuart Turner in 1906, the founders’ passion for machinery has led to a flourishing profession that endures today.

Adding a Stuart Turner PH Pump to your home or domestic setting will help you resolve your water pressure boosting problems. View our range of PH shower pumps here at Bella bathrooms to help you decide which pump will best suit your needs.

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What is Available in the Stuart Turner PH Pump Range?

The Stuart Turner PH range is split into two main categories the TS (top suction) and the ES (end suction). The PH TS range from Stuart Turner presents a peripheral pump with vent plug included. Incorporating vertical suction with vertical delivery connections these pumps are designed for continuous operation at 2.5 l/min and above. Including a number of motor and seal options, these pumps provide a compact solution for a versatile range of applications making them a hot choice for an endless range of requirements. If you are looking for a true all rounder, this is the only option you’ll need!

The PH ES range of pumps is a peripheral end suction brass pump which presents horizontal suction and vertical delivery. These are offered with two different motor sizes and are offered in both automatic and boostamatic versions too.

Marrying the best of old world expertise with new developments and modern innovation, this range is a highly effective, efficient way to benefit your bathroom. We have complete confidence in Stuart Turner and you should too so browse below and see what takes your fancy. His endlessly extensive range of commercial and residential solutions is ideally placed for everybody no matter what your specifications. These bad boys don’t just look the part, they fulfil it too. More than a gadget, these practical, tangible powerhouses can be a life saver when it comes to your pumping needs.