Stuart Turner Submersible Pumps

It’s not something you buy every day so when you do come to need a submersible pump, here at Bella Bathrooms we would always urge you to consider investing in a Stuart Turner pump. What’s so special about this particular variety of pump? Well, for a start all Stuart Turner pumps are specially made to take water from one flooded area and transfer it elsewhere – whether that’s in a domestic or a commercial setting.

Stuart Turner submersible shower pumps also contain a floating switch to ensure the pump never runs dry (meaning you’ll never have to worry again about whether or not your home storage tank is ticking over nicely or if your sprinkler system is going to manage to cover your entire back garden before it gives up the ghost). Choose from our range of submersible pumps with seven different capacities for transferring both clean and dirty water.

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What is Available in the Stuart Turner Submersible Pumps Range?

Here at Bella Bathrooms we have three different types of submersible pumps available. The Diver pumps are used for the high pressure transfer of clean water. These pumps are ideal for applications were pressure is needed such as water sprinklers and as a general all purpose pump. The Supersub pumps are a compact design of pump which is ideal for space compromised areas. This pump is good for general purpose applications and for pumping rain water, dirty or waste water. Finally the Supervort pump can help to pump dirty water and water with semi solids in the suspension. This makes it ideal to help pump waste water away in the home in domestic appliances such as the dishwasher or washing machine.

All Stuart Turner submersible pumps, from the small Supersub 150VA version right up to the Diver 45 version come with a reassuring one year guarantee and the knowledge that you have invested in a quality make you can rely on, whatever your situation and the task in hand. View our range here at Bella Bathrooms and see how these functional pumps can improve the efficiency of some of the less glamorous jobs in your home.