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Picture the scene: you’ve had a long, tiring day and you want to step into a hot shower to soothe your limbs and relax. Unfortunately, when you step into the shower, you’re greeted with a dribble of lukewarm water that’s of no use to weary limbs. Low water pressure can be a real nightmare for those who just want to be experience the joys of a powerful and invigorating shower – but the Stuart Turner range of Techflo shower pumps is here to put an end to the problem.

With products ranging from 1.5-bar all the way up to ultra-powerful 3.3-bar pumps, the Techflo range has a solution to low water pressure that will suit everyone. Outstandingly reliable, these Stuart Turner pumps work by boosting hot and cold water suppliers to the mixer valves, which then go onto supply a range of shower taps and shower heads. View our range of Techflow shower pumps and turn your nightmare shower into the shower of your dreams with these fantastic Stuart Turner pumps.

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What is Available in the Stuart Techflo Range?

In addition to the varying powers of these pumps there are both single and twin pumps available depending on the type of power the water pressure demands or whether you want to boost either the hot or cold water or both. You can also choose between the Techflo TP or Techflo QT, the QT is a slightly quieter functioning pump but as with all Stuart Turner pumps they are designed to be extremely quiet shower pumps when in operation. The Techflo QT can boost not just a single shower (as the TP does) but a complete bathroom or even house.

These Techflo pumps exude quality and reliability. They’re guaranteed for a minimum of two years, but this can be extended to three with Stuart Turner online registration. If you want whisper-quiet operation and a powerful shower, browse the generous range here at Bella Bathrooms today.