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Stuart Turner Wasteflo Macerators


If you are looking for products to assist you with the removal of waste then the Stuart Turner Wasteflo selection is the ideal solution for you. This selection of macerators and lifting pumps enable you to fit in a bathroom anywhere a connection via gravity to a main soil or waste pipe is not possible. Wasteflo products aim to ensure you have a clean and simple way to remove waste water quickly and efficiently. The Stuart Turner products in this range are easy to install and they are accessible for cleaning and maintenance purposes. The top quality design of these products ensures that they have a compact design and quiet operation so that they can fit easily into any home or commercial property. We offer different sized macerators depending on your requirements. Stuart Turner is at the forefront of water pumping and waste removal technology and this range is included in this. All of the Stuart Turner Wasteflo products are offered with a 2 year manufacturers’ guarantee assuring you of the top quality of these products. We are proud to supply our customers with these market leading Stuart Turner Products at the most competitive prices available online.

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  1. Stuart Turner 46575 Wasteflo WC2 Macerator
    Special Price £265.35 Regular Price £389.23
  2. Stuart Turner 46576 Wasteflo WC3 Macerator
    Special Price £299.33 Regular Price £441.13
  3. Stuart Turner Wasteflo LS5 Lifting Station
    Special Price £275.49 Regular Price £404.80
  4. Stuart Turner 46626 Wasteflo WC1 Macerator
    Special Price £231.82 Regular Price £337.33
  5. Stuart Turner 46653 Wasteflo WC 4C Macerator
    Special Price £299.00 Regular Price £441.13

5 Items

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