Triton Pumps

Want to improve your shower experience? Then take a look at the Triton shower pump range which will help to improve the power you experience in your shower. Showers are becoming a highly sought after item in most bathroom suites and having a shower that performs to maximum efficiency will help to fit in with a modern day busy lifestyle. Triton’s small but select range of shower pumps ensures that they will have the ideal solution for your water pressure system. Here at Bella Bathrooms we have a small but select range of Triton pumps that will help to improve the flow rate of your shower.

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Which Types of Triton Pumps are Available?

Triton Wall Mounted Booster Pump

The Triton T40i Wall Mounted Booster Pump is easy to attach and is just the job for improving water flow rate for your existing shower, bath or tap mixer valve. Don’t make the mistake of believing it will add pressure to the water supply however. The booster pump actually works on new or existing gravity fed shower mixer systems only, which means it’s not suitable for a direct connection to the mains water supply in the home. Handily there’s no plumbing required which means the pump can be attached and up and running within a very short space of time.

Triton Single Impeller Booster Pump

The Triton Single Impeller Booster Pump will help to boost the low pressure of your cold water tank to your electric shower. This will boost the supply and in turn improve the flow rate within your shower.

Triton Twin Impeller Booster Pump

To improve your flow rate even further the Triton Twin Impeller Booster Pump will improve the flow rate even more efficiently and help to turn your regular mixer shower into that longed for power shower. This twin impeller shower pump improves both hot and cold water supplies and works automatically turning on and off as the shower is which means it is simple to use once installed.

All of these Triton shower pumps will help to improve your showering experience. From one of the leading manufacturers in the UK quality is assured too and all pumps are offered with a year’s guarantee as standard. Here at Bella Bathrooms we are able to offer you these products at extremely competitive prices making them an affordable luxury.